moon pepe

We aren’t just another meme coin, we’re building on top of a meme coin.

Enough of these shitty coins, they’ve dominated this space and delivered 0 value. We will give our community fun games to play and fuck around with this pepe is the only pepe taking you to the moon and then to uranus.


Moon pepe is gaming and gambling meme coin we are building an ecosystem, if you’re watching this you’re early Gambling / Games

– we gotchu covered mate

how to buy

Create a Wallet

Download Metamask or your wallet of choice that supports Arbitrum One. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to

Bridge ETH over onto Arbitrum

Have some ETH on L1 / Ethereum Mainnet, swap it on a bridge onto Arbitrum You can also buy ETH on Arbitrum directly on exchanges like Binance and

Purchase $MPEPE using Camelot

Navigate to Camelot and ensure you are on Arbitrum (not L1 / Ethereum Mainnet).

Switch ETH for $MPEPE

Swap Eth for MPEPE on the V2 exchange , if the token doesn’t appear copy paste the contract. There is Zero Tax so there is no worry for specific slippage, although you may have to use slippage during market volatility.


Total Supply:


s.notopicpercentage (%)
1camelot liquidity launch20.73
2Marketing and early contributors10%
4Burned forever64.27%


Mpepe Logo



$mpepe coin has no association with Matt Furie or his creation Pepe the Frog.

This token is simply paying homage to a meme we all love and recognize.